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Our environmentally friendly packaging supplies are available to order online here and delivered nationwide for a flat packing & postage fee of $20 per order.

Acid-Free Tissue Paper


450mm x 750mm 18gsm - 50 sheets per pack

Ideal for wrapping clothing, albums and other precious items. Normal paper contains acids which cause and accelerate deterioration and damage which is why we recommend using our acid-free tissue paper for this purpose. 

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Bubble Wrap


600mm wide, biodegradable bubble wrap

Perfect for protecting those odd shaped valuables that need some extra protection. Also ideal for larger items that cannot fit into a moving box such as vases, large picture frames and paintings. The best part is our bubble wrap is biodegradable so it will break down with the aid of UV light, oxygen or heat when discarded after use.

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Cable Ties


10 pack

Keep your possessions secure and avoid those spills with a cable tie. While we supply our bundles with plenty of cable ties, you can order more for extra security and peace of mind.

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Available as 10pk or 25pk

Get organised and label your boxes with what is in each, what room it belongs to and where it’s going.

We supply plenty of labels with each bundle but you can also order more here if you need.

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Available singly or as a 3pc pack

Permanent felt tipped markers to use with our sticky labels. Please do not write directly on our LeafBoxes.

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Newsprint Packing Paper


500mm x 800mm size sheets - 120kg or up to 120 sheets per pack

A cost effective packaging material ideal for wrapping fragile items and as void fill. It can also be used when packing interweaving crockery and fragile items.

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Packaging Tape


Clear rolls available singly or as a 3pk

While you won't need tape for securing our boxes, it can still come in handy when using our bubble wrap or packing paper or other smaller boxes going into your LeafBoxes.

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Pop Starch Compostable Packing


100% compostable, starch loose fill made in New Zealand. Available in 10L or 350L packs.

To protect fragile, sharp and pointed items or edges, simply fill your box with our 100% compostable filler. Made from starch right here in New Zealand.

Use as much as you need and when you have finished, simply tip your used filler into the compost bin.

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